Serving the World for Indian Markets

We work closely with various global companies to deliver a customized strategy for their India growth. We formulate this strategy using our analysis, research, insights and experience. Fuelled by our 25+ years of experience, we are able to define an actionable plan for our clients to be successful, meet objectives and deliver enhanced performance in Indian markets.

Welcome to Vijaya Consulting.
Welcome to your future business in India.

We’re a leading consulting firm providing niche services to global companies to expand their reach in Indian markets and gain more value from their overseas business. We specialise in helping medium to semi-large enterprises create sustainable growth in India through successful expansion plans and executions. At Vijaya Consulting, you can benefit from a wide range of global solutions like international market research, cultural intelligence, advisory services, market research and strategy, commercial and accountancy services and many more.

If Indian expansion is on your mind, we have the resources and capabilities to make it a reality.